Boren scholarships and fellowships

Boren scholarships and fellowships

Boren scholarships and fellowships are meant for American students who desire to study abroad, especially in nations which are important in light of U.S. national security. They may be desirous of gaining proficiency in a language not usually taught in American curriculum but which is important for the security needs of the nation.

Boren scholarships award up to $20,000 for U.S. undergraduate students who want to study abroad in regions critical to American interests and which are usually ignored by most regular students. Boren fellowships provide up to buy custom essays $30,000 for US graduate students who wish to enrich their graduate studies with international experience and foreign language component by specializing in area studies or language study. Both Boren scholarships and fellowships aim at areas crucial to national interests.

Awardees of Boren scholarships and fellowships study all over the world like Asia, Latin America, Africa, Eastern and central Europe, Eurasia, Russia and the Middle East. The awards do not cover countries in Western Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Boren scholars and fellows are interested in studying less commonly thesis paper examples studied languages such as Arabic, Portuguese, Swahili, Russian, Korean and Chinese.

The funds for Boren scholarships and fellowships come from National Security Education Program (NSEP) which is focused on areas, languages and studies crucial to the security interests of the nation. The definition of national buy custom essays security has broadened from the narrow meaning of protecting the wellbeing of American citizens to global challenges like sustainable development, degradation of the environment, population explosion, worldwide huBoren scholarships and fellowshipsnger and disease and economic problems.

As such applicants have to explain who their study programs or fellowships as well as future career goals will contribute to national security. Applicants will benefit if they indicate a willingness to work for the federal government in the future. Applicants must also fulfill the following criteria:

  • Basic eligibility for Boren scholarships and fellowships is that you must be a US citizen while applying.
  •  For scholarships, you must be a high school graduate and remain matriculated in an undergraduate program till the scholarship is complete. Boren scholarships are not for studies in US, Canada, Western Europe New Zealand and Australia.
  • Boren fellowships are for graduate students. They must be matriculated or applying for a graduate program at a US College or university and cannot graduate till fellowship is complete. Boren fellowship is also not for studies in the US, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Boren scholarships and fellowships promote long term cultural and linguistic immersion and studies of more than two semesters are encouraged. In case of scholarships undergraduate applicants seeking a study program of one year at least are preferred. Summer programs must be at least eight weeks old and limited to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) students.

Boren fellowships are for 12 write my essay for me weeks of study as minimum and 24 months maximum. They aim at long term linguistic and cultural affinity to foreign nations. Overseas study must be for a minimum of 12 weeks and those pursing programs of 6 months or longer are preferred. But STEM applicants are also encouraged. Those graduating from community colleges and those students who have never travelled out from America are strongly encouraged to apply.

Conclusion: custom essays and fellowships promote national security and associations with countries and languages crucial to the security interests of the nation as defined broadly today. It promotes the cultural and linguistic immersions of American students with  foreign countries.