Boren Awards Scholarship for language and culture study

Boren ScholarshipThe Boren Awards Scholarship program is focused on providing resources and encouragement to students and graduates who are interested in studying language and culture in geographical areas that are believed critical to the national security of the United States. But what is their definition of national security? In order for you to be able to see the eligibility of your proposal and how well it will be received by the organization, you must first be aware of how the term national security is used.

To most of us, national security brings forth thoughts of terrorism and how best to protect every American from harm. But for the Boren Awards and Scholarships, it is actually very broadly defined. The definition of national security is no longer focused on the well-being and protection of every American. It has now expanded to include the challenges of global society. These include sustainable development, global disease and hunger, the growth and migration of population, environmental degradation, and economic competitiveness. Because of their employment of a broad definition of national security, those who wish to apply can easily relate their language study or international study interests to the country’s national security. To give you a better idea, here are some samples provided for by Boren Scholarships:

  • Those who are interested in studying economics or business and would like to learn more about international trade may explain in their essay the necessity for the United States to have trading partners who have stable economies and/or businesses. Here are some case studies that were previously submitted: China-Origin Trade-Based Money Laundering: Trends and Solutions, Global Implications of the Illegal Wildlife Trade, and The Decentralization of Fisheries in Cambodia.
  • Those who are interested in studying global disease or sustainable development can make a case by stating that stability of countries and regions are threatened by global poverty, disease, or environmental degradation. By learning more about these concerns and finding solutions for them, the security of the country is strengthened. Previous case studies submitted to Boren Scholarships include Famine in French Algeria: Environmental Disaster and Colonial Policy; HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment Programs in East Africa; and Taiwan: Climate Change and Energy, Beyond the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  • Those who are studying international affairs, political science, or history can make a case for security studies or diplomacy. You can discuss the mutual relationship between the United States and the country that you are interested in studying. Some topics previously submitted are USA-China Comparative Law, Political Parties in Egypt, and U.S – Turkey Bilateral Relationship.

Because of the broad definition of national security utilized by Boren Awards and Scholarships, you are not required to create a statement of purpose that is narrowly focused on areas in which you have no interest in studying. Instead, you should create your own definition of national security and create a compelling argument on why your study of language and/or culture is important.